About Promedior

Promedior is a clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering the development of targeted therapeutics to treat fibrotic diseases. Fibrosis is a process that occurs in many diseases, when normal healthy tissue is replaced with scar tissue, compromising normal function and leading ultimately to organ failure. Promedior’s proprietary therapeutic platform is based upon Pentraxin-2, an endogenous human protein that acts through a unique anti-fibrotic immunotherapy mechanism to activate a regulatory switch upstream in the fibrosis cascade.

Promedior has built a strong team experienced in developing, advancing, and commercializing products for a wide range of disorders including orphan diseases. The company has successfully advanced its lead therapeutic candidate into Phase 2 human clinical trials. Promedior is supported by leading global healthcare venture investors and has secured important intellectual property relating to the pioneering discoveries and applications of the company's therapeutics.

Proprietary platform: Promedior's drug candidates are based on Pentraxin-2, an endogenous human protein that plays an important role in regulating the response to fibrosis. Normal wound healing involves the inflammation, proliferation, and resolution pathways. Fibrosis occurs when the normal wound healing response gets locked into the proliferation pathway, resulting in dysregulated scar tissue formation and, ultimately, organ dysfunction and potentially death.

Pentraxin-2 is a naturally occurring protein that directs the immune system to simultaneously turn off the fibrosis pathway and turn on a resolution pathway, specifically in areas of tissue injury. Other therapeutic approaches in development typically focus on inhibiting single targets far downstream in the fibrosis cascade, many of which are redundant and thus difficult to effectively block. Pentraxin-2 works as an upstream agonist, potentially halting further progression of fibrotic disease and promoting beneficial healing.

Clinical advancements: Promedior has successfully advanced its lead therapeutic candidate, PRM-151, in human clinical trials. Phase 2 trials in both idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and myelofibrosis have been completed and are currently in open label extension.
In addition, PRM-151 demonstrated robust efficacy in multiple preclinical models of fibrotic disease in lung, liver, kidney and bone marrow, including reductions in established fibrosis and improvement in organ function.

Strategic focus: Promedior is focused on rare fibrotic diseases, such as IPF and myelofibrosis. Potential application to liver fibrosis, e.g. NASH and kidney fibrosis (Alport Syndrome), and retinal fibrovascular diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic retinopathy (DR) is supported by preclinical models.


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Promedior Pipeline

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